ABA Therapy: Simple Ways to Make a Big Change

ABA Therapy: Simple Ways to Make a Big Change

One strategy we practitioners know very well is called the high-probability request sequence. It has a long name because it delivers a powerful punch! Have you ever struggled with getting your child out the door in time for school? Maybe it’s getting her to pick up her toys. The High-P procedure can help with getting your child to comply with these difficult responses…and quickly! It comprises of successively providing 2-3 easy instructions that your child consistently complies with. After each response, the instructor provides praise. Once those 2-3 responses are completed, the instructor adds in the target response. For example:

“Marie, reach for the sky!” – (Marie complies) – “That’s right!”

“Let me see you touch your toes!” – (Marie complies) – “This is too easy for you!”

“Now, grab your backpack as fast as you can!” – (Marie complies) – “You did it!”

One other useful strategy we use is called stimulus fading. Stimulus fading is a procedure that helps to prevent challenging behaviors from happening. For example, if your child seems to dislike doing her homework and tantrums, you can start off by requiring her to do 5 problems rather than the entire page of homework in one sitting. Instead of seeing homework as one long progress, parents can divide the task through the day, making it easier for your child to comply without any issues.

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