The ABA Process

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment may take up to a month to complete. The first step is intake. To prepare for intake, please make sure to have a current ASD diagnosis and ABA prescription. Once intake is complete, your BCBA will receive an authorization from your insurance to complete an in-person assessment. The last step is to develop a written plan which details what services will consist of and how many hours will be provided per week. We call this a Behavior Support Plan (BSP).

Direct Therapy

Intervention requires the presence and participation of all stakeholders in your child’s life to lead to success. Just as teachers provide homework and studying is needed to better understand new concepts and attain better grades, any new skills learned during therapy sessions must be maintained outside of them as well. Training and monitoring will occur throughout which will mainly be provided by the BCBA.


Once a BSP is developed, services will commence at home or at school with an RBT and a BCBA assigned to the case. The RBT will provide 1-to-1 therapy on a daily basis to your child, while the BCBA will supervise and monitor the case on a weekly basis. This will continue for 6 months until a reassessment is due. At this time, the BCBA will reevaluate the BSP and make adjustments. This will be sent to your insurance for re-approval.


Our ultimate goal is to get your child to graduation. Although it may seem far from reach, we are here to create short and intermediate goals that can gradually lead your child to success. Success to us means that your child and your child’s loved ones will eventually feel safe, independently problem solve, and find happiness and satisfaction within relationships.

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