At One-on-One Behavioral Services, our team of compassionate and experienced professionals provides autism therapy Doral services, consultation, and family support. As specialists in the application of ABA or applied behavior analysis therapy in Doral, we offer support through our behavioral and educational programs. Our services cater to the unique needs and skills of the child.

Furthermore, all of our ABA therapy programs in Doral are designed to accommodate these unique abilities and interests so your child can have fun while reaching their individualized goals.  Our staff members believe in quality program and continually strive to provide our clients with services led by BCBA’s, BCaBA’s, and RBT’s through the use of behavioral skills training (BST).

Maximizing Your Child’s Progress and Success

The staff at One-on-One Behavioral Services recognizes the importance of the child and family support system.  We use a multidisciplinary approach that integrates one-on-one therapy with the child and his or her family.  Our ABA therapy programs in Doral cater to the entire family.  We customize personal services to facilitate your family’s needs by helping each member to manage and understand autism and other developmental disabilities.  Our goal is to provide:

  • ABA therapy assessment and diagnosis for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental disabilities
  • an individualized early intervention plan based on the child’s needs as well as those of their family
  • one-on-one ABA therapy sessions
  • support groups for both parents and siblings
  • training for caregivers, parents, and siblings

As you and your child grow, One on One Behavioral Services will grow with you and provide you and your child the support you need.

The Application of Applied Behavior Analysis

We utilize applied behavior analysis or ABA to help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  This therapy is grounded in the science of behavior and learning and helps us to understand:

  • how behavior functions

  • how environmental factors affect behavior

  • how learning occurs

In addition to this, the therapy uses our understanding of how behavior impacts real-life situations.  Finally, the goal of ABA is to decrease those behaviors that can impair the ability to learn or are harmful to others and increases those behaviors that are deemed helpful.  As a result, our ABA services in Doral can help with:

  • decreasing problem behaviors
  • ·improving academics, attention, focus, memory, and social skills
  • increasing communication and language skills

In addition to the above, ABA methods have been studied and used for decades and have helped numerous learners acquire different skills ranging from learning new languages to living healthier lifestyles.

How does Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy work?

Applied behavior analysis therapies in Doral involve a number of techniques that enable us to understand and change an autistic child’s behavior.  It is a flexible treatment that:

can be adapted to meet the individual’s unique needs

  • can be provided in numerous locations including in-home, at school, or in One on One Behavioral Services’ facility
  • can involve group or one-on-one instruction
  • can teach everyday life skills

Furthermore, one of the primary strategies used in ABA therapy programs in Doral is positive reinforcement.  When behavior is followed by a reward, the individual will likely repeat the behavior.  Over time, this can encourage positive behavioral change.  The first thing an ABA therapist does is identify a goal behavior.

Each time the child successfully uses a behavior or skill, they are rewarded for their efforts.  Examples of rewards might include access to a playground, a book, praising the individual, or watching one of their favorite videos.  Positive rewards encourage and teach the child to continue displaying positive behavior or using a particular skill.  Over time, this will result in a meaningful change in behavior.

Why choose Our ABA Therapy Services in Doral?

At One-on-One Behavioral Services, we are committed making a significant difference in the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Our teams of experienced and highly skilled therapists are passionate about what they do and take a great deal of pride watching autistic children succeed.  To learn more about our autism therapy services in Doral, call One on One Behavioral Services at (305) 204-7037 today.

We provide services in the following zip codes: 33122, 33178, 33126, 33191, 33166, 33192, 33172 and other surrounding areas.

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