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An Individualized Toilet Training Program

“Can we please start toilet training?” This is one of the first things I hear once a child turns 2. But contrary to customs, it is not age that matters but what skills the child has. In today’s blog we’ll cover those prerequisite skills and a successful (and efficient) potty training method. Before embarking on […]

5 Toys for Parents of Children with Autism

Finding common interests with a child with autism can be difficult sometimes. Below are some amazing, fun-filled, and educational toys and games that will help you build rapport with your little one! Kibbit – a bingo type game that works on developing receptive language skills. This game is competitive and keeps things interesting by using […]

School Rules: Back to School Tips

About mid-way through the year, a change that affects a huge portion of the population occurs! Traffic increases, notebooks and no.2 pencils sell out, schedules are rearranged, and anxiety (symptoms may include making frantic calls, misplacing important documents, ruminating on the same question for hours on end) builds. School is now in session and there’s […]