5 Toys for Parents of Children with Autism

5 Toys for Parents of Children with Autism

Finding common interests with a child with autism can be difficult sometimes. Below are some amazing, fun-filled, and educational toys and games that will help you build rapport with your little one!

  1. Kibbit – a bingo type game that works on developing receptive language skills. This game is competitive and keeps things interesting by using an item’s feature, class, or function to score BINGO! This game helps increase following directions, also known as instructional control in Applied Behavior Analysis.
  2. Foayex Water Drawing Mat – For kids that like to get messy around the house, give them this oversized “magic-eraser” doodle pad to let their creativity wander. Parents can jump in and show their enthusiasm to get loose sometimes but in a safe, restricted space! Colors only show up on the mat and disappear within seconds. Teach your kid that there’s a space for their imagination to soar.
  3. Jasonwell 108pcs Magnetic Blocks Set – This is a STEM toy, for kids that love to build! This toy address fine motor skills, team building skills, and visual perception. Guide your child to build everything from a small truck to a huge house!
  4. Egged On – For your sensory-driven child, this game will be a blast. Targeting social skills, waiting, and fine motor skills in a fun way, Egged On challenges each player to crack an “egg” until someone gets splashed by water! It’s easy to play and will keep interest going since it’s full of surprises.
  5. HAN-MM Toddler Busy Book – Tired of the iPAD? This can compete! Those that love tactile activities and matching will enjoy this book while keeping it instructional. It’s colorful, full of learning, and teaches children to stay focused for a sustained period of time. Join in to encourage prompting, matching-to-sample, and identification of everything from ABCs to the Solar System.

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