Choosing the Right ABA Company as an RBT

Choosing the Right ABA Company as an RBT

In today’s blog we will be going over 5 tips that will help RBTs choose the right ABA company! Finding an employer that fits is tough, especially in the ABA field.

Based on past personal experience as an RBT living in Miami, FL, I have worked for amazing companies that raised my ethical and practice standards, but I’ve also come across companies that were in it only to profit. The right company encourages their employees to continue to grow in their profession, ask management and their supervisors important questions, but most importantly, to do the right thing.

As RBTs, our clients are usually kiddos which is why following our RBT Ethics Code is vital to the wellbeing of our clients. Let’s get into our 5 tips for finding the right ABA company!

  1. Before ending the interview, ask the interviewer what the company’s mission, core values, and their long-term vision is. Do they stand by positive reinforcement? Do they use a team-approach? These should be clearly defined and align with yours as well. Once they’ve answered, ask them what they are doing to uphold those three and how the RBTs fit within those goals. It may be nerve-racking, but the right company won’t shy away from answering. They will probably end up impressed!
  2. Ask how often the BCBA supervises their cases. Is it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? The BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) requires RBTs to have at minimum 5% of their monthly hours supervised and it is ultimately their responsibility. In case of an audit, the RBT and BCBA need to have this information at hand. Although 5% is the bare minimum, there is a correlation between the quantity and quality of supervision and success within the field. As an example, One on One Behavioral Services offers supervision on a weekly basis at minimum, using a fading plan to dictate the amount following 3-month evaluations.
  3. Ask them about their new-hire training and what ongoing trainings look like. Is it remote, in-person, and over time? What type of strategies do they use to keep their RBTs competent with the RBT Task List? Is there a BCBA in charge of training? If so, how often can the BCBA be reached? With enough guidance and support, RBTs will see their clients flourish!
  4. Take a look at their website and ratings on Google, Facebook, Indeed, and Yelp. A lot of the time, these can gage whether a company is meeting their employees and clients’ standards.
  5. Be on the look out for companies that categorize you as a 1099 or independent contractor and pay high rates ($30+). This is an important factor as RBTs are identified as W2s or employees. The BACB and the IRS both clearly state this and working for a company that labels RBTs differently is breaking the law. This reflects badly on their management style and values. They may pay more, but over time this may mean a lack of support or none at all, high response effort, and the promotion of unethical or harmful interventions! A good company provides their W2s with opportunities to grow ethically, professionally, and financially.

Interested in working for us? Head to our Employment Page to apply. We are looking for passionate RBTs and BCaBAs that are eager to work in a team-based environment and learn how behavior analysis can make the world a better place!

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